I’ve been listening to the Sultans of Smoke podcast for the last month or so, and during that time they came out with some of their own cigars. They seem like good guys, so I wanted to try their smokes. Tonight’s was the Legacy Robusto.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Nicaraguan
Vitola: Robusto (5 x 50)
BrandSultans of Smoke
Factory: Oveja Negra
CigarNoise Price Range: $5-$7 (Singles are selling for $6.30 CDMCigars.com)
Production: 125 boxes of 20 cigars (2,500 cigars)
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Starting out, the Sultans of Smoke Legacy Robusto was sweet. It had some early nuttiness that would remain in the profile throughout the cigar. Leather joined in early and went in and out throughout as well. The draw was a bit tight, perhaps because this was a densely-packed cigar. The smoke output was about average.

After about an inch, some light pepper appeared for the first time. That same light pepper would appear in the retrohale and was also the flavor on the finish for most of the first half. There was a bit of bitterness as the pepper faded out in the first third. The cigar gave my mouth a dry feeling, and I wished I’d brought out something to pair it with. I think a stout would have been a good choice.

Moving into the second third, some cedar appears. The nuttiness and leather remain from the beginning. Some generically sweet tobacco takes the reins for a little while in this third. Then the pepper picked back up. Leather and cedar were in the driver’s seat for a while in this third as well. The sweetness dropped off quite a bit.

The final third is where this cigar really started to shine. It picked up a cocoa flavor, which transitioned into a dark chocolate. The nuts stayed with it, and the combination was nice. The dryness that was previously present dropped away, and it started to taste sort of like hot chocolate. The last third reminded me of some of the chocolatey flavors that show up in Padron cigars.

On the Sultans of Smoke podcast, they have something called “stash, ash, or trash” where they pick 3 cigars and you have to choose which you’d have to stash for a while, which you’d burn, and which you’d throw away. If this cigar were on a list like that, I’d stash it. The flavors were good, but they didn’t quite come together all the time. I think with a year or two of extra time in the humidor, this cigar would taste great.

Overall: This cigar got better as it went, and it ended in a good place. I think that if you waited on one of these for a year or two you’d have a much more balanced and tasty cigar. I’d smoke another of these, though I would likely not go out of my way to buy more. I think it’s really cool that they got their own cigar made and am happy to buy a couple to support them.



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