Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Brand:  Tatuaje
Factory:  My Father Cigars S.A.
Vitola: Petit Lancero (6 x 38)
Number Released: 10,000 sampler boxes, each with 10 different cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-$10 ($85 MSRP for the sampler)
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Tatuaje Skinny Hyde – Pre-Light

The Skinny Hyde looks very much like the full-size Hyde, meaning the wrapper is a little less rustic and more smooth than many of the other Skinny Monsters. The aroma is bread, almond, and a light amount of grass. The pre-light draw includes nuttiness, pepper, and butter.

Tatuaje Skinny Hyde – First Third

Toasted Almonds, Pepper, Hay, Bread, Lemon, Earth, Cedar, Cream

The Skinny Hyde comes out of the gate with toasted almonds, pepper, hay, breadiness, a hint of earth, and a bit of lemon citrus. The lemon comes across in the mouth and is accentuated by the retrohale. Cedar flavor joins in, and it gets creamier after about an inch.

After about that inch mark, it’s mostly creamy cedar with a finish of lemon and pepper. Like many of the other Skinnies so far, the pepper is boldest on the back of the tongue and throat. Doing a bit of Hyde and Seek with the flavors, I also find a little bit of coffee.

Tatuaje Skinny Hyde Review | CigarNoise | Tatuaje Skinny Monsters


I can feel the nicotine already in the first third, which makes this cigar feel unbalanced. The strength strikes me as high for these flavors; none of them seem quite bold enough to justify the rush.

Tatuaje Skinny Hyde – Second Third

Bread, Cream, Cedar, Coffee, Buttery Sweetness, Lemon, Coffee, Leather, Mint, Pepper

The second third sees many of the same flavors as the first third, but they take turns instead of showing simultaneously. The flavors are bread, cream, cedar, coffee, a buttery sweetness, and lemon. Coffee grows in the profile, and leather comes out to play for a little while. I also taste some mint on occasion, though it’s not very strong.

The flavor profile eventually moves to coffee, then to just a plain black pepper. After the pepper, cedar comes back with a vengeance and takes over. Cedar then drops off and the cigar becomes creamy and buttery again.

The burn on my Hyde has been a bit of a mess. It needed some touch-ups in the first third, but the story got much worse in the second third. I have trouble finding a good rhythm for smoking this cigar. It gets too hot and starts to get bitter easily. But not babying it leads to it going out – it went out on me twice, somewhat unexpectedly. Construction hasn’t been a problem in previous Skinny Monsters, but it is not very good on this Hyde.

Tatuaje Skinny Hyde – Final Third

Cedar, Cream, Black Pepper, Butteriness, Lemon, French Fry, Char, Mint, Bread

After the second relight, I get a french fry note to kickoff the final third. I still get a lot of cedar, creamy butter, black pepper, and some citrus. Char has joined as well, probably from the relights.

I also get mint notes popping in and out a little. The creaminess is nice in this third, but I don’t think the Tatuaje Skinny Hyde did very well after a couple relights.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Overall Review

Preference order for Skinny Monsters: Wolf, Drac, Jason, Mummy, Face, Chuck, Hyde, Frank, Tiff, Jekyll

The best Skinny Monsters are very good. I’d argue that they’re better than their Pudgy counterparts. That said, the average cigar in the Skinny Monster box is not as good as the average cigar in the Pudgy Monster box. The Pudgies included 2 Chucks and 2 Tiffs instead of a Jekyll, a Hyde, one Chuck, and one Tiff because they came out before the Jekyll & Hyde were released. As you can see in my preference order, I’d trade the Jekyll and Hyde in the Skinny Monster box for the Chuck & Tiff. If you’re in the market for Monsters, I’d look to the many retailers who still have Pudgy Monsters instead of picking up the Skinnies.

Skinny Monster Pros: Generally good construction for petit lanceros. Pepper flavors are usually present in most cigars, but not overpowering most of the time. The packaging is very pretty – the blood spatters are unique on each box. Bands come off easily. The best Skinny Monsters (Wolf & Drac) are very good cigars.

Skinny Monster Cons: Personality was lost from previous releases – no differences in unfinished feet, interesting bands, or vitolas. The consistency and lack of personality in each cigar bothered me more than I thought it would. The average cigar in the box wasn’t all that great.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Hyde
8.3 Reviewer
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Creamy, buttery flavors with nice citrus note went well together
Burn issues and relights
The Skinny Hyde isn't a bad cigar, but I have a hard time recommending it when the full-size Hyde can still be found without too much trouble. The Skinny had some construction issues I didn't find in the full-size and the flavors are pretty similar.
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