Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Brand:  Tatuaje
Factory:  My Father Cigars S.A.
Vitola: Petit Lancero (6 x 38)
Number Released: 10,000 sampler boxes, each with 10 different cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-$10 ($85 MSRP for the sampler)
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Tatuaje Skinny Jason – Pre-Light

Construction is similar to the rest of the Skinny Monsters: a bit rustic. There’s a big vein running down this cigar. The aroma coming from the stick is huge amounts of barnyard. The cold draw doesn’t give me much in terms of flavor. Light hay, but not very much at all.

This was a cigar I wasn’t looking forward to very much. It has a great reputation, but the Pudgy version was spicier and more peppery than I tend to like my cigars. So not only was it not my favorite Pudgy, but it was a popular one! I hoped I’d like the Skinny version more so I wouldn’t be telling everyone that their favorite wasn’t really anything special. Spoiler alert: I ended up liking the Skinny version quite a bit.

Tatuaje Skinny Jason – First Third

Pepper, Cocoa, Hay, Spice, Grilled Red Pepper, Chocolate, Creaminess, Brown Sugar Sweetness

Most of the Skinny Monsters have started with pepper blasts but the Jason was much milder at the beginning. There was black pepper, but it wasn’t the big blast I was expecting. Cocoa started weak and built through the first third along with a little bit of hay. Chocolate and cocoa came to dominate this third.

There was another little treat of sweetness – like grilled red peppers. Red peppers get so much sweeter after some time on the grill, and they get a nice char too. The Skinny Jason has a similar pleasant flavor in it. Later in the first third, and continuing throughout the cigar, there was a nice brown sugar sweetness.

Near the end of this third, there was a nice spice zing. That, combined with the brown sugar, gave me something resembling BBQ sauce. Jason finished with spiciness on the back of the tongue and throat.

The draw on the Jason was tight; it was the first Skinny Monster I’ve smoked to have any draw imperfections. The burn line wasn’t completely straight, but it was very close to it. I didn’t have to touch it up at all.

The star of the show for the Skinny Jason’s construction was its ash, which was firm and very white. It held on a long time for a lancero vitola.

Tatuaje Skinny Jason Review | CigarNoise

I feel like I’m writing a personal ad for the Skinny Jason: “I’m a slender monster with a tight, firm ash and just the right amount of spiciness. Go on a date with me and I’ll definitely bring chocolate.”

Tatuaje Skinny Jason – Second Third

Cocoa, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Spiciness, Earth, Soap

A bit of earth joins the profile, adding to the cocoa, chocolate, brown sugar, black pepper, and spiciness. A faint woodiness joined in as well, drying out the finish.

At about the halfway point, a soapy note appeared for a few puffs. Thankfully, that dropped off quickly. Throughout the second third, pepper slowly builds, taking over for the cocoa flavor.

By the end of the second third, the profile consists of pepper at the helm along with dark chocolate, earth, brown sugar, and spice coming along for the ride.

Tatuaje Skinny Jason – Final Third

Cocoa, Chocolate, Coffee, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Spiciness, Earth, Mocha

This segment was mostly the same as the second third. Coffee joined the profile in this third, taking the place of chocolate. Then, near the end of the cigar, chocolate edged it back out.

Most of the Skinnies seem to have characteristic mocha flavors to one degree or another. I can’t complain about that, the duel of coffee and chocolate was the most interesting part of this section.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Overall Review

Preference order for Skinny Monsters: Wolf, Drac, Jason, Mummy, Face, Chuck, Hyde, Frank, Tiff, Jekyll

The best Skinny Monsters are very good. I’d argue that they’re better than their Pudgy counterparts. That said, the average cigar in the Skinny Monster box is not as good as the average cigar in the Pudgy Monster box. The Pudgies included 2 Chucks and 2 Tiffs instead of a Jekyll, a Hyde, one Chuck, and one Tiff because they came out before the Jekyll & Hyde were released. As you can see in my preference order, I’d trade the Jekyll and Hyde in the Skinny Monster box for the Chuck & Tiff. If you’re in the market for Monsters, I’d look to the many retailers who still have Pudgy Monsters instead of picking up the Skinnies.

Skinny Monster Pros: Generally good construction for petit lanceros. Pepper flavors are usually present in most cigars, but not overpowering most of the time. The packaging is very pretty – the blood spatters are unique on each box. Bands come off easily. The best Skinny Monsters (Wolf & Drac) are very good cigars.

Skinny Monster Cons: Personality was lost from previous releases – no differences in unfinished feet, interesting bands, or vitolas. The consistency and lack of personality in each cigar bothered me more than I thought it would. The average cigar in the box wasn’t all that great.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Jason
8.9 Reviewer
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Excellent chocolate & cocoa flavors

Great construction

Really embodied the Skinny Monster series so far


A couple of soapy puffs in the middle weren't great

I liked the Skinny Jason more than I thought I would. It had similarities to the rest of the Skinny Monsters: dark and delicious flavors, pepper and spice lurking in the background that occasionally came out to play, and solid construction. A good addition to the Skinny Monster lineup.
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