Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sancti Spiritus
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Brand:  Tatuaje
Factory:  My Father Cigars S.A.
Vitola: Petit Lancero (6 x 38)
Number Released: 10,000 sampler boxes, each with 10 different cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-$10 ($85 MSRP for the sampler)
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Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll – Pre-Light

My Skinny Jekyll’s wrapper features some pretty prominent water spots. The aroma is hay, cedar, and a bit of honey. The pre-light draw is very light grass and hay.

Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll – First Third

Hay, Cream, Spice, Sweet Tobacco, Toasted Almond, Cedar, Metal, Pepper, Honey

The Skinny Jekyll starts out with hay and cream notes. There’s a bit of spice on the end, but it’s nothing like the peppery start I’ve gotten from the other Skinny Monsters. It’s a much lighter start than I remember from the full-size Jekyll as well. There’s a sweet tobacco flavor, some light toasted almond, a lot of creaminess, and light cedar notes. The creamy notes are sweet, reminding me of cream soda. A bit of a metallic note joins for a few puffs, but thankfully doesn’t stick around. Salt, pepper, and some honey builds throughout the first third slowly. The finish was mostly pepper.

Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll Review | CigarNoise | Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

This description might make the Jekyll sound somewhat complex, but I don’t think that’s the right word. When I think of complex cigars, I think of the flavors coming together in some sort of harmony. The flavors I got from the Jekyll were more disjointed – I’d say it was more ‘confused’ than ‘complex’. Usually when the flavors don’t quite pull together, I like to give the cigar some age and see if it becomes more of a symphony than a series of disconnected notes in the future. If I had another of these, I’d lay it down for a year or more to see if it could come together better.

Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll – Second Third

Salt, Pepper, Tobacco, Cedar, Toast, Sour Notes, Metal, Dry Earth

The salt has picked up quite a bit and combined with the pepper on the backend to give the Skinny Jekyll a salt & pepper finish. A very straightforward tobacco flavor takes the lead in the second third, with cedar and toast becoming pretty prominent too. Some sour notes appear on occasion, and that metallic flavor finds its way into the profile again for a few puffs. A little bit of dry earth appears near the end of the second third. The salt & pepper finish stays through the rest of the cigar.

The draw was right in the Goldilocks zone; it wasn’t too tight or too loose. The burn needed a few corrections.

Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll – Final Third

Wood, Cream Soda, Salt, Pepper, Cedar, Sour Notes, Metal, Dry Earth, Grass

Wood and cream soda lead the final third, keeping that interesting salt & pepper finish. The cigar unexpectedly went out without warning in the final third, so I needed to relight. Cedar became prominent after the relight. The flavors in this third were similar to the second third: wood, cream soda, a slightly sour note, some dry earth, the occasional metal note, and salt & pepper. Grass appeared right near the end of the cigar.

The flavors in the Jekyll were less bold than the other Skinny Monsters I’ve smoked so far, but the nicotine came on just as strong.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Overall Review

Preference order for Skinny Monsters: Wolf, Drac, Jason, Mummy, Face, Chuck, Hyde, Frank, Tiff, Jekyll

The best Skinny Monsters are very good. I’d argue that they’re better than their Pudgy counterparts. That said, the average cigar in the Skinny Monster box is not as good as the average cigar in the Pudgy Monster box. The Pudgies included 2 Chucks and 2 Tiffs instead of a Jekyll, a Hyde, one Chuck, and one Tiff because they came out before the Jekyll & Hyde were released. As you can see in my preference order, I’d trade the Jekyll and Hyde in the Skinny Monster box for the Chuck & Tiff. If you’re in the market for Monsters, I’d look to the many retailers who still have Pudgy Monsters instead of picking up the Skinnies.

Skinny Monster Pros: Generally good construction for petit lanceros. Pepper flavors are usually present in most cigars, but not overpowering most of the time. The packaging is very pretty – the blood spatters are unique on each box. Bands come off easily. The best Skinny Monsters (Wolf & Drac) are very good cigars.

Skinny Monster Cons: Personality was lost from previous releases – no differences in unfinished feet, interesting bands, or vitolas. The consistency and lack of personality in each cigar bothered me more than I thought it would. The average cigar in the box wasn’t all that great.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Jekyll
8.4 Reviewer
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Construction was solid

Cream soda, honey, salt

& pepper finish were interesting


Flavors didn't really come together

The Jekyll didn't come together for me as well as the other Skinny Monsters. There were some interesting flavor notes (cream soda, honey, the salt & pepper finish), and also some that weren't great (metal, sourness). I think this cigar would get better with some age, but it isn't one I'd pick up and smoke again in the near future. My least favorite Skinny Monster up to this point.
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