Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Brand:  Tatuaje
Factory:  My Father Cigars S.A.
Vitola: Petit Lancero (6 x 38)
Number Released: 10,000 sampler boxes, each with 10 different cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-$10 ($85 MSRP for the sampler)
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Skinny Face
Skinny Wolf
Skinny Drac
Skinny Frank
Skinny Mummy
Skinny Jason
Skinny Jekyll
Skinny Hyde
Skinny Chuck

Tatuaje Skinny Tiff – Pre-Light

The Skinny Tiff features a veiny, light-brown wrapper. Mine has a lot of green water spots on it. I count four large ones.

The Tiff is less densely-packed than other Skinny Monsters. There’s more give when I squeeze it. The pre-light aroma includes a lot of hay as well as floral and barnyard smells. A cold draw gives me a ton of hay with bread and cookie notes.

I remember the Pudgy Tiff being spicy and peppery, so I’m hoping for tasty spice from this cigar!

Tatuaje Skinny Tiff – First Third

Hay, Creaminess, Sweetness, Black Pepper, Lemon, Spice, Bread, Gritty Earth, Peanut, Mineral

The hay from the pre-light inspection comes on strong right away, joined by creamy sweetness on the draw with light black pepper on the finish. The pepper quickly makes its way up front, delivering small amounts of pepper throughout the draw and finish. The finish has been dry on several of the Skinny Monsters; it’s particularly dry on the Tiff.

Continuing along, additional flavors join the Monster Mash. Lemon, spice, bread, and gritty earth flit in and out. Peanut is building, which compliments the profile. A mineral taste finds its way in for a few puffs. That note doesn’t mesh well with the profile, and I’m glad that its appearance is brief.

The burn line on the Skinny Tiff is straight. Draw is a touch loose. The ash provides the only construction issue. It doesn’t hold on for more than half an inch, and is making a habit of falling right onto my legs while I smoke. I was sitting right on my deck today, so I used my shoe as a cigar rest (it didn’t add any leather notes). When I set the cigar down, the ash fell right off. The picture below shows that what little ash there was fell right onto the deck. This was typical for the Skinny Tiff. The ash just wouldn’t hold on.

Tatuaje Skinny Tiff Review | CigarNoise | Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

Tatuaje Skinny Tiff – Second Third

Popcorn, Buttery Sweetness, Char, Pepper, Hay, Tobacco, Peanut

The second third saw a big change. Smoking the cigar started to become like eating a bag of overcooked popcorn. There was a consistent popcorn note as well as an intermittent buttery sweet note. More frequently, it was burnt popcorn. The sweetness saved the day for this third – the Tatuaje Skinny Tiff would have been much better with more sweetness and less char. The finish was very dry pepper with almost no spice.

Tatuaje Skinny Tiff Review | CigarNoise | Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

There were hints of hay, straight tobacco, and peanut in this third. The sweetness increased throughout the second third.

This segment also gave me burn problems. At several points near the middle of the cigar, I had to puff more frequently and baby the cigar to keep it from going out. Thankfully that didn’t last throughout the whole experience, but this stick was not without construction issues.

Tatuaje Skinny Tiff – Final Third

Herbal, Black Tea, Sweetness, Pepper, Hay, Gritty Earth, Floral

I’m still waiting for the spice that I remember from the Pudgy Tiff. Alas, it never appears. Instead, I get another big flavor change. Herbal flavors start taking the lead in the Skinny Tiff, culminating in a strong black tea note that leads the way. It’s a welcome change from the second third. I also get sweetness, pepper, hay, and gritty earth.

The smoke is creamy up front, moves on to that nice tea note, throws in one or two of the other flavors, and moves to a peppery finish. The finish is less dry in this third. I’ve had trouble with the Tiff throughout, but the final third doesn’t give me much to complain about.

Sweetness increases and combines well with the tea note. As I get close to the end, more floral notes appear. I ride those notes to the end of the cigar and am more satisfied in the end than I was by the rest.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Overall Review

Preference order for Skinny Monsters: Wolf, Drac, Jason, Mummy, Face, Chuck, Hyde, Frank, Tiff, Jekyll

The best Skinny Monsters are very good. I’d argue that they’re better than their Pudgy counterparts. That said, the average cigar in the Skinny Monster box is not as good as the average cigar in the Pudgy Monster box. The Pudgies included 2 Chucks and 2 Tiffs instead of a Jekyll, a Hyde, one Chuck, and one Tiff because they came out before the Jekyll & Hyde were released. As you can see in my preference order, I’d trade the Jekyll and Hyde in the Skinny Monster box for the Chuck & Tiff. If you’re in the market for Monsters, I’d look to the many retailers who still have Pudgy Monsters instead of picking up the Skinnies.

Skinny Monster Pros: Generally good construction for petit lanceros. Pepper flavors are usually present in most cigars, but not overpowering most of the time. The packaging is very pretty – the blood spatters are unique on each box. Bands come off easily. The best Skinny Monsters (Wolf & Drac) are very good cigars.

Skinny Monster Cons: Personality was lost from previous releases – no differences in unfinished feet, interesting bands, or vitolas. The consistency and lack of personality in each cigar bothered me more than I thought it would. The average cigar in the box wasn’t all that great.

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters: Tiff
8.4 Reviewer
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Some good flavors, like the tea at the end

Draw was good throughout


Burn issues in the second third

Less enjoyable flavors in second third

Overall, the flavors mostly didn't do it for me. There were several very good flavors in all, but they were mixed in with plenty that just didn't work. There were too many construction oddities to ignore.
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