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Tatuaje TAA 2016 Pre-Light Impressions:

With just one glance of the Tatuaje TAA 2016, you can identify very obvious physical features. It has a dark brown wrapper, is slightly box pressed, and features a partially closed foot. This combination gives it a chocolate bar appearance. This toothy wrapper is a beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf that shimmers when the sun hits it. The cigar itself comes in at 6 1/4 x 50 – larger in length than last years offering.

The opening in the closed foot allowed me to pick up a roasted coffee and nut note along a sweet chocolate. After a straight cut, the cold draw offered up notes of rich dark choclate and sweet raisins. Because the foot is mostly closed, the first draw was snug but that is to be expected.

Tauaje TAA 2016 First Third:

Dark Coffee, Black Pepper, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Leather, Sweet Cedar

The first draw started off with a bang, hitting me in the face with black pepper, earth, both a sweet milk and a dark chocolate, and a noticeable amount of dark coffee. Through the nose, black pepper took the forefront along with  dark coffee and bitter chocolate, amplifying the flavors on my palate. The smoke output was abundant with tons of smoke pouring out of both ends. Each draw seemed to yield more smoke then the last.

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Review

As the ash dropped, earthiness and black pepper became more noticeable in a regular draw, with sweet cedar and leather being prominent in the retro hale.  The chocolate notes took a back seat as the first third progressed.

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Second Third:

Bakers chocolate, Black Coffee, Earth, Black Pepper, Fire Wood

The second third started off with a darker flavor profile. The sweeter chocolate flavors have faded away to be replaced by rich flavors of Baker’s Chocolate. The coffee notes also became deeper – much like a tall cup of black coffee to start your morning. Black pepper also picked up, becoming more present in the retro hale. The smoke output was still going strong, each draw offered huge clouds of smoke even as the foot smoked as well.

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Review

After the third clump of ash dropped, I was detecting fire wood flavors very reminiscent of a bonfire on a cold winters night. The black pepper beings to linger in this segment, performing like capsaicin.

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Final Third:

Milk Chocolate, Black Pepper, Mild Earth, Tobacco, Capsaicin Spice, Black Pepper, Sweet Raisin

I had to step away as the final third started and, unfortunately, needed to relight this Tatuaje TAA 2016.  Luckily, it brightened the flavor profile up quite a bit. Chocolate notes became sweeter (similar to a Hershey bar), earth became milder, and black pepper subsided. Smoke output, despite the cigar nearing its end, remained consistently strong.

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Review

Right before it became to hot to smoke in Texas, I was treated with a sweet raisin note to remember it by. This cigar ended on a very good note. Had the weather not become unruly during the final third, I probably would have been smoking this cigar until my lips were burning.

Tatuaje TAA 2016 Review
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Great Burn

Lots of Smoke

Complex Flavors

Burned Cool

The Tatuaje TAA 2016 was a real treat. The flavor profile was phenomenal and had enough complexity to keep me interested throughout. The construction was excellent and needed no touchups at all. The one relight was my fault, otherwise it would have burned through with no issues. Simply put, this is another home run hit from Pete Johnson. I'll definitely be ordering a 5-pack to hold me over while I save my pennies for a box.
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